За Нас

Our history beggins in 1997, we were the first Internet Suppliers in Varna and the region.We started with great enthusiasm and difficulty in writing the history of information technology (IT) as first-class from analog modem communication via digital ISDN and DSL connections, created an Internet cable, first launched radio connections with satellite dishes, hosted and maintained mIRC and game servers and we reached for optical cables, gigabit networks and cloud servers

Over time, the company has developed in the field of security and administration of cloud and hybrid server infrastructures and networks, as well as in the development of business management software (ERP), based on a modern platform allowing work in cloud infrastructure on any device.

As a result, we created an author's ERP platform MY-DOX ERP, which strengthened our position as innovators, leaders in developing and integrating flexible custom made business solutions providing software in a single integrated infrastructure of almost any type of business including access control of employees, payroll, CRM, production, integrated e-shop, orders and reservations, ERP, BI, KPI, accounting.

In the last ten years we have persistently devoted ourselves to research and development and on the basis of algorithms developed by Martin Panayotov (founder and manager) with artificial intelligence and knowledge in electronics and micro controllers, we managed to design and develop hardware devices (control controllers, terminals for facial recognition, parking systems with automatic recognition of vehicle numbers, optical readers of personal documents, payment terminals operating alone or in integration with our cloud server infrastructure.

Thus, with excellent results we build security systems, access control, parking systems without the need for an operator, automation for buildings, smart home systems, production of automation electronics, monitoring software for support centers and more. for both households and industry.

We are proud that our solutions are entirely based on software and hardware designed and developed by us and stored in our own server infrastructure and we are not dependent on others for integration, so we guarantee the fastest and highest quality support.