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    Управлявайте служителите си успешно и с желязна ръка


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    Криптирайте лесно документи, задачи и бележки...


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    Извеждайте редовно справки за вземанията на служителите си


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    За кого е предназначен Софтуера?

What is Employees Manager?

What is Employees Manager ?

My-dox Employees Manager is a system for managing human resources whose functionality is not fixed. We offer tools fot change data functionality, references and more on the spot. This allows you to adapt the product quickly, depending of the subject of your business. You can add other features that are not related to the management of the human resources. My-dox Employee Manager has s wide range of integrated modules, some of them are : employee files, documents for apllication and hiring, work calendars, module for payroll, projects(tasks), etc.

Mobile version

Beautifully built mobile apps make it easy for everyone in your workforce to start using timecards right away.

Web Managing Dashboard

Web app designed with busy people in mind. Managing My-dox Employee Manager is as simple as filtering dates.

Software Description

Now-a-days, man-power-cost has become excruciatingly pinching for companies. Wastage of working hours by the employees, their less productivity & conspicuously a lesser output against the huge costs spent on them has become the real concern for today’s corporate circles.
When you assign your sales team with the field work, you don’t exactly know the whereabouts of the staff. Or are they really working? You don’t have any option apart from going by what they tell you. Do you have any Solution to this? After a Deep drilling of the problem and understanding the recurrent inconsistencies found in Daily reporting by various outdoor-employees, My-dox, a global giant in security & surveillance has come up with the solution. My-dox Employees Manager is an ideal mechanism for all the companies having field staff.

Work Shedule

Employees can schedule their daily plans easily with My-dox Employee Manager assisting them to navigate through the routes of daily engagements.

Whole Day Monitoring

With My-dox Employees Manager in place, you can keep a tab on your employee’s whole-day activities like how much time exactly he spends on each assignment and how many meetings he manages to pull off in a day. This enables you to assess his daily productivity.

Employees Can View & Review Their Work

Since My-dox Employees Manager is a quintessential cloud-based application, employees can also view and review their work and progress on a regular basis by logging into employees.my-dox.com

Защо да Изберете НАС.


Чрез нашата програма можете да проследите задачите, по които са работили служители ви: за деня, седмицата, месеца

Номенклатура Заплата

- Заплата
- Часова ставка
- Заработка за деня

Удръжки и премии

Глоби, Неявяване,
Командировки, Телефон,

Досие за наемане при кандидатстване на работа

Автобиография – CV
Мотивационно писмо
Снимка и др.

Следене представянето на служителите

Имате възможност да проследите работата на всеки един ваш служител и да разберете как се справя той с нея

Профили на служители

Служителите се явяват като потребители на софтуера. Всеки профил съдържа информация за дадения служител

Следене на договори

Програмата ви предупреждава, когато даден договор изтича и има нужда от подновяване


Нашият софтуер разполага с брояч на работените часове.


по дата, по служител, по проекти/задачи

Избери Най-добрия план.

Според своите индивидуални нужди, Избери най-подходящия план от наличните, които предлагаме.


$ 2,99 / Mo

Or $ 35.82 Yearly!
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$ 11,99 / Mo

Or $ 143.82 Yearly!
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